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“Zanshin: The Challenge and Celebration of Life … through Taiko”

Sunday, November 5, 2017, 2:00 pm, Tempe Center for the Arts


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Fushicho Daiko presents “Zanshin” a high energy performance that will draw the audience into exploring the universal themes of struggle, fortitude, determination, sadness, longing, hope, joy and celebration. Through the artform of Japanese Taiko Drumming, Fushicho Daiko explores how individuals come to terms with, and overcome, adversity, both internally and within a community.

Zanshin (Japanese 残心) is a state of awareness, to be ready for what is next, the continued state of spirit, mental alertness and physical readiness to meet life.

Fushicho Daiko/Phoenix Taiko Drummers has been a part of the Phoenix community since 1992, providing performances for schools, festivals, personal and business celebrations throughout Arizona for 25 years.

Taiko Drumming provides the unique and powerful opportunity for group drumming and musical expression, focusing on teamwork and collaboration, bringing together people of diverse backgrounds, talents and interests to create a unifying expression of community through performance art.

Team building workshops for corporations, collaborative presentations with other arts organizations including Movement Source Dance Company, The Phoenix Boys Choir, and performances in venues throughout the valley speak to Fushicho Daiko’s flexibility and expertise in the art of Japanese Taiko Drumming.

Ongoing classes in their downtown Phoenix dojo/studio for children and adults provide music education, cultural immersion and team building opportunities for all. Dojo/studio activities include weekly classes, opportunities to perform in festivals and parades as well as workshops from visiting artists.

In addition, Eileen Morgan, Executive and Artistic director of Fushicho Daiko, coordinates and produces educational school performances, workshops and residencies, providing students, staff and faculty access to curriculum, drums, equipment and expertise. With a B.S. degree in Music Education, a Master’s Degree in Deaf Education, over 30 years of teaching children and adults in both mainstream and special needs settings, Eileen brings her insight and talent to both the classroom and stage, creating unique opportunities for children and adults to learn the important skills of focus, teamwork and the power of the arts to create, support and expand community.

Feel free to look to Fushicho Daiko’s website and Facebook page for information on upcoming events.

Contact Eileen Morgan for questions or to book performances, classes or unique special events. 


Purchase tickets here!


Join us for an afternoon of powerful, meaningful and exhilarating

 Taiko Drumming, perfect for the entire family.

Fushicho Daiko celebrates it’s 25th year of

performing and teaching Taiko in Phoenix.