About Fushicho Daiko

Since 1992, the diverse and unique talents of Fushicho Daiko have taken taiko to places it has never been. Bold and creative concepts are explored, rehearsed, and presented to enthusiastic audiences of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds. The powerful, fascinating rhythms are only part of the experience. Through storytelling, humor and an excitingly unique blend of music, theater, and dance Fushicho Daiko treats it’s audiences to a totally exhilarating cultural experience.

But performances are only the beginning. Daily classes are offered by group members to inspire, empower, and build self-confidence in anyone willing to take the challenge.

Come to a performance or stop by our brand new dojo/studio at
925 N.W. Grand Avenue in downtown Phoenix
to experience this 2,000-year-old art form for yourself!

We are open the first Friday of each month from 6-10 pm during “First Friday” Art Walk.  Come, take a turn at the Taiko!

September 2014, Coconino County Fair

Team biographies

Eileen Morgan

Eileen Morgan has a B.S. in Music Education and an M. ed in Deaf Education. She has taught music since 1986 and Taiko since 1994, working with children and adults in schools, communities, at risk and special needs settings throughout Arizona, with Fushicho Daiko and as a solo artist.  An Arizona Commission on the Arts Roster Artist with Fushicho Daiko since 1997 and as a soloist since 2001, Eileen plays over 12 instruments.  As the new director of Fushicho Daiko since May 2011, Eileen’s goal is to expand Fushicho Daiko’s outreach; Bringing the joy of Taiko, in performances and classes/workshops to many more throughout Phoenix and Arizona.

Marsha Robb

Marsha’s training in acting, singing, and dancing has provided her with many successes in musical comedy, off-Broadway, and a USO tour lead.  She was named Actress of the Year in Milwaukee, for “Sweet Charity.” Marsha was trained in taiko by a Fushicho Daiko member and co-formed the Taiko group “Sabakurai” in 2002. She joined Fushicho Daiko in January 2004. In 2008 Marsha began teaching Taiko for SGI-Phoenix, the local faction of the International World Peace Organization. Her goal in teaching is to not only share this art form, but to use their performances to awaken people to their own passion; to follow their dreams and move them to create a peaceful, harmonious world.

Murray Writtle

Murray has practiced Taiko since 2002 after moving to Arizona from England and Italy. He has attended numerous workshops and Taiko conferences, a traditional dojo in Japan, shrines, temples, drum manufacturers and village festivals. He has performed across Arizona, at the national Taiko Conference, and in Japan. “I did not hear Taiko. It reached into my chest and grabbed me.”

Stephanie K. Yamamoto

Stephanie was introduced to taiko at a young age, and began playing in the Fushicho Daiko dojo when she was 8 years old.  She has played taiko and fue, the Japanese flute, in various groups such as Waka-Ikazuchi, an advanced teen group, and Aozora. Stephanie is currently a Barrett Honors Student at Arizona State University, studying electrical engineerin. Her other musical interests including theater, choir, and swing dancing, in addition to the outdoors.

Laura Ellis

Laura started taiko at age 13, and has been addicted ever since. Already having a musical background, the intense, passionate sounds of taiko immediately caught her attention. Since then, she has participated in multiple groups offered at the Fushicho Daiko dojo, and has studied under Esther Vandecar, Eileen Morgan, and Ken Koshio. Laura is a speech and language pathologist and works as a teaching assistant in the Washington Elementary School District.


Esther Vandecar, founder of Fushicho Daiko, 1992

retired May 2011

Esther has a B.S. and, an MAED and two menjo (licenses for teaching) for taiko (Japanese drumming). She lived, worked, studied, performed and taught in Hiroshima and on Shikoku, Japan. She started Fushicho Daiko*Phoenix Drummers in Phoenix, AZ in 1992. She has been on the Arizona Commission on the Arts roster since 1993 and with Fushicho Daiko since 1996. Her mission has been to share the wonderful Japanese culture and the art form of taiko, with as many people as possible. Visit her new home and growing taiko community at Michigan Hiryu Daiko: www.taikomichigan.com